Escort ads in Switzerland. Girls, men, trans, night clubs and erotic massage salons.

Terms and Conditions

1.  Applicability

These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer and ( the service provider). Any natural or legal person who places an ad on applications and online platforms is client. The general terms and conditions apply to all contracts between the client and the service provider in terms of services and products offered.

2.  Entry and termination

Once the customer has confirmed the purchase of services and/or products on the internet, the agreement, which are incorporated these conditions will come into force. If the customer uses the services in a way that is contrary to the contract that is illegal or that are contrary to public morals, or if the customer complaints caused by the service provider insufficient quality of data, such as sending data to announcement is the service provider entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to provide prior notice to the customer without his services more without having to compensate for it. The service provider reserves the right to all claims.

3. Limitation of liability

The customer bears all risks that could arise from tampering with his computer system to malfunction of the computer system and/or the abuse of access rights. The customer is fully responsible for the content of the data (information, pictures and etc.) that it contributes to the service provider as online advertising.

The service provider is not responsible for the content given by the customer ( information, pictures and etc.), the service provider does not guarantee for products and services, or for contracts of conclusions, such as purchase contracts, which may result between the customer and users of online applications.

The service provider not liable for damages, especially for direct or indirect consequential damage, data loss, lost profit, system or productivity losses that result from the use of this website. If there is if loss through the use of web pages intent or gross negligence, the liability does not apply. For results from the use of Internet pages between you and the operator is subject to the law of the Swiss Confederation.
The service provider reserves the right to deny contracts without giving a reason.

If the paid services can’t be provided as a result of technical problems, there is no right to a refund of the monetary amount. There is generally no right to a refund of money.

If the provision of services of the service provider or its contractors disturbed by acts of God, such as riots, natural disasters and similar events or by the failure of third-party services, or by failure of the hardware or software of the service provider or its contractors, impaired, impeded, delayed or prevented, rests the obligation to provision of services by the service provider or its contractors. The failure is not entitled to damages.

4. Prohibitions

Sexual acts with children or animals, human excrement, sexual organs and sexual acts must not be visible on the image. The service provider defies the basis of this legal situation any responsibility. At trial, damages and ads alone, advertisers are liable. Sexual acts with children or animals (even in the text) are immediately treated as a criminal offense and displayed.

It is strictly forbidden in advertisements to promote sex/anal intercourse without protection (condoms). Ads with similar content will be deleted.
Advertise erotic directories / competing sites is prohibited.

Advertisements does not meet the content will be deleted without warning.

5. Price and payment terms

Unless otherwise agreed expressly, the price calculation is based on the list price of the applicable service provider for the corresponding product. These price lists are available on the Internet at any time from the corresponding applications. The service provider reserves the right to adjust prices to changes in market and/or price. Unless otherwise agreed expressly, the prices are net prices in Swiss Francs, VAT included. Payment for services paid ads is done in advance by a PostFinance account or credit card (Visa, Mastercard).

A general right to the refund of money does not exist.

Payment are non- refundable.

6. Immovable

In one ad you can advertise one apartment.

7. Service change

The service provider reserves the right to change parts of or the entire offer without prior notice, add, delete or the publication temporarily or permanently.

You also agree that we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions time to time without notice.

8. Applicable right

In this relationship and the resulting rights, and obligations is governed exclusively by Swiss law. Jurisdiction is Basel.


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